Holy Trinity
Greek Orthodox Cathedral

The First Greek Orthodox Church in North and South America Established in 1864




All students between the ages of 12 and 18 are encouraged to join GOYA—Greek Orthodox Youth of America. This organization, which ministers to Orthodox Christian teenagers of all nationalities, reflects Orthodox Christian Faith, Tradition, and Life. Furthermore, GOYA offers its members an opportunity to learn about Orthodoxy in daily practice and outreach to others while making the positive teachings and traditions of the Orthodox Church a living presence in their lives.

GOYA ministry is based on four fundamentals—Worship, Fellowship, Service, and Witness. Through Worship GOYANS become active sacramental members of the church. Fellowship is a way Orthodox Christians integrate their faith with daily life, as well as emulate their relationship with the Trinity and develop their lives in Christ. At Holy Trinity Cathedral GOYA Fellowship includes Lenten retreats; Winter Youth Rallies, where they interact with over 700 other GOYANS from the Metropolis of Atlanta; church sponsored athletic programs such as basketball; and Greek dancing at the annual Greek Festival. Service to God is serving the Church and the community. And, for HTC GOYANS it is a way of life whether by serving the needy at Ozanam Inn or Christmas caroling to the elderly. It is their way of serving the community similar to the way adults are asked to give their time, talents, and treasures as stewards. To Witness, GOYANS strive to exemplify their faith, offering a verbal expression of Orthodoxy to those with whom they come in contact.

GOYA officers and advisors:

President: Andreas Poulos
Vice President: James Venturatos
Treasurer: Eleni Tsaoussides
Recording Secretary: Stella Vatakis
Corresponding Secretary: Anna Maria Stavrakakis
Coordinator: Presvytera Harriet Wilson
Coordinating Advisors: Donna deSantis Venturatos and Alex Korominas
For more information, please contact President Pantelis Patselikos, Donna Venturatos, or Alex Korominas, or follow us on Facebook (New Orleans GOYA).

Hellenic Dancers of New Orleans

The Hellenic Dancers of New Orleans is a dynamic group of dance enthusiasts, who dedicate their time and talents to perform at the annual Greek Festival New Orleans and other cultural events. Interested individuals, age 14 and older, are invited to join the group by contacting Mathoula Bilalis. You may also follow the group on Facebook (Holy Trinity New Orleans Greek Dance Group).


Activities for this youth ministry group (children age 5 - 7) are conducted to involve the youngest members of our community in fellowship and interaction, emphasizing Orthodoxy in everyday life.

Coordinators: Diana Peterson and Mariellen Craver.


This youth ministry (children age 8 – 10) involves activities that continue learning about our Orthodox faith with fellowship and interaction.
Coordinators: Stephanie Malachias and Marianthe Melancon

Holy Trinity Soccer

This ministry meets on scheduled Friday evenings during the Fall and Spring, with additional Winter and Summer Soccer Camp sessions. The focus is on teaching the youth of our community the fundamentals of soccer while encouraging fellowship, good sportsmanship, and fundamental applications of Orthodox teachings to everyday life.
Coordinators: Angela Fyssas-Lear and Katerina Sutton

Acolytes & Readers

Through their service assisting in the Holy Altar, the Acolytes augment the beauty and majesty of the Liturgical tradition of our Church. Acolytes are encouraged to serve during all of the services throughout the course of the year. The Acolytes also go through regular training as they advance through the various Ranks (with twelve Ranks in all) in order to more competently assist. The Readers assist with the Divine Liturgies by reading the Epistle lessons throughout the year.
Coordinator: Vladimir Ammons


This ladies' philanthropic society raises funds to support community charities and the needy, as well as to support ministries and needs of the Cathedral. Meetings are scheduled once each month (September through May).

President: Cornelia Koniditsiotis, Ph.D.
Vice-President: Dawn Psarellis
Treasurer: Mary Webb
Recording Secretary: Denise Ammons
Corresponding Secretary: Faith Kyame

Board Members: Denise Ammons, Maria Anastasiou, Vickie Catsulis, Debbie Funti, Argie Kleamenakis, Cornelia Koniditsiotis, Angie Kringas, Faith Kyame, Ann Morcos, Elaine Nugent, Dawn Psarellis, Connie Tiliakos, Koula Vennis, Carol Venturatos, Cathy Vial, Mary Webb, Barbara Stavis Wolf.


The Parent Teacher Association supports the educational ministries of the Cathedral and is open to all members.

President: Katerina Tsatsoulis Sutton
Vice President: Kate Christakis
Treasurer: Katerina  Christakis
Secretaries: Mariellen Craver and Tereza Liaptsios

Sunday School Director: Maria Michailakis
Greek School Director: Chrisanthy Kalivitis
Liasons: Evangelia Bilalis


This Archdiocese-wide movement of single and married young adult members of the community serves for the purpose of enhanced interaction and involvement in the life and leadership of the Church.

All young adults, whether members of Holy Trinity or Orthodox college students attending area schools, are invited to come join us. For further information, contact the Cathedral Office.