Holy Trinity
Greek Orthodox Cathedral

The First Greek Orthodox Church in North and South America Established in 1864

Contact Information


Holy Trinity Cathedral

1200 Allen Toussaint Boulevard
New Orleans, Louisiana 70122
Phone: 504.282.0259
Fax: 504.283.5586

Dean of the Cathedral:
Reverend Father George Wilson

Secretary: Vickie Catsulis

Greek Festival Secretary:

Parish Council

Nick Moustoukas, MD - President
Nicholas S. Bouzon -1st Vice President
John Malachias - 2nd Vice President
Connie Kringas - Treasurer
Dawn Psarellis - Secretary


Petros M. Christakis, Paraskevi Demarinis-Haik, Angela Fyssas-Lear, Alexandra Hirras Megilligan, Dawn Psarellis, Cathy Catsulis Vial, Barbara Stavis Wolf

BY-LAWS of the Greek Orthodox Community, Church of the Holy Trinity (PDF)