Holy Trinity
Greek Orthodox Cathedral

The First Greek Orthodox Church in North and South America

Contact Information


Holy Trinity Cathedral

1200 Robert E. Lee Boulevard
New Orleans, Louisiana 70122
Phone: 504.282.0259 - Fax: 504.283.5586

Dean of the Cathedral:
Reverend Father George Wilson

Secretary: Vickie Catsulis

Greek Festival Secretary: festival@holytrinitycathedral.org

Parish Council

President: Steve Psarellis

1st Vice-President: Nicholas Bouzon

2nd Vice-President: Ares Christakis, MD

Treasurer: Nektarios Christakis

Secretary: Dennis Papadopoulos


Christ Kanellakis, John Jimenez, Darrin Lear, Constandinos Vennis, Efthimios Zissis